The voter’s dilemma – choosing wisely.

Last week, the Washington Post editorial board published an opinion piece simply titled “Both are unpopular. Only one of them a threat.” This simple editorial piece was republished around the web, and somewhat succinctly identifies ‘the voter’s dilemma’, apathy towards both candidates in this election cycle.

Specifically – YAAPAC was formed to create awareness into voter action and registration amongst millennials – and  no one is more aware of this dilemma than we are. Across the country, many young voters are not feeling ‘moved’ to participate or even express a voice in this election. Hillary Clinton, despite her political celebrity and being the first woman to be nominated by a major political party for president – isn’t moving the needle for them.

Despite what any disgruntled millennial may express, tweet, or thumbs up on Facebook or Reddit, there is no comparison between the two candidates. While Clinton may not fire up voters, many simply believe the choice is between ‘ho hum business as usual candidate’ VS an extinction level event.


If Hillary’s own record is not enough to encourage millennials to vote – the very real threat of a Trump presidency and the rise of nationalism, especially white nationalism, needs to be ‘hit home’ and hit home strongly.

So we are repositioning our PAC around voter apathy. We will continue to distribute news articles and videos around the mobile web directly to this particular voting bloc – and requesting that all of us make a ‘critical decision’ and ‘critical vote’.