Red State, Red Tube

Our Glorious Leader. Donald Trump for World President.

“Japanese Trump Commercial” is the brilliant work of LA Filmmaker Mike Diva. We believe this little treasure in political media is under appreciated and we intend to support this content as a PAC.

One of the more insightful, awkward, and undeniably uncomfortable truths about the Red voting states is they are the highest consumers of pornography on the web, more so than any other state. Salon recently reported on the conservative gay porn habit swinging in the opposite direction of red state voting patterns on gay rights.

What if we could also help move the needle in deflating the Trump balloon in states where he leads? In this case, our goal is to increase the likelihood that many self-righteously angry, white male voters will become so disillusioned with their glorious, self-appointed leader that they simply refuse to vote at all.

Why not distribute subversive anti-Trump (as opposed to pro-Hillary) content messaging directly to red states while they fawn over their naughty web behavior on Red Tube?

YAAPAC now formally introduces the official launch of RED STATE, RED TUBE. 

FILE - In this Saturday, April 2, 2016 file photo, supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump chant, "Build that wall," before a town hall meeting in Rothschild, Wis. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

Yup. That’s our audience.

Along with parody of Trump adoration, “Japanese Trump Commercial“, we are going to distribute thoughtful content critical of Donald Trump in the same page.

Somewhere in a Freudian universe, the contradiction of glorious leader Trump alongside ‘Trump debunked’ will be targeting Trump supporters while they’re hot not at rally, but at home.

If we saturate them with this media over and over every day, millions and millions of Red State voters will eventually get the message:

Donald Trump is a turn off.


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See campaign below:



 Donald Trump has waffled on Muslim Ban, Immigration

Donald J. Trump’s own proposals have often been vague, his prepared statements often contradicted by his own off-the-cuff remarks in speeches and interviews. Yet he has so far avoided much harm, despite reversing himself — sometimes within hours — on hot-button campaign issues like immigration, abortion and economic policy.

Here, we count some of the ways Mr. Trump has vacillated.

(Read more)


This is a subversive media plan by any measure, and it’s also a little funny. We specialize in millennial messaging and we oppose Donald Trump. We can do allot with a little. For every $100.00 donated, YAAPAC can reach between 10,000 – 100,000 potential voters with compelling and smart political content messaging. More than funny and subversive, it’s also pretty cost effective.

Thank you for your consideration and your donation.
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