I’m Zack and I started a PAC. Come have fun with us.

My friends call me ZZ. I started a PAC. We’re called Young Aware Americans PAC.

Right now I’m the public face but our whole PAC is a collaborative of savvy media strategists, political consultants, developers, and mobile technology experts. Wiz kids who believe in the oxford comma.

Our main skill set is targeting millennials on mobile apps with political or social content–not political ads.

Specifically in this election, this means we OPPOSE TRUMP.

We just launched officially today!

Right now, we are also launching a digital campaign in Pennsylvania. You can check out our ‘Plan for Pennsylvania’ here.

We running multiple strategies, many of them refined by our team of specialists. I’ll be updating everyone on progress here as we get information back from our campaigns.

We also want you to join us! What makes us different than most PACS is that we are a collaborative. We need all the help we can get.

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How to deal with online trolls.

There is going to be lots of social media trolling in this election and we here at #YAAPAC would like to offer everyone a strategy of what to do when they are being faced with aggravated, angry, obsessive, strawman using, ad hominem throwing pro Trump supporters in our journey.

We believe the best way to counter Trump’s message is to broadcast an intelligent, thoughtful, and funny counter message. But sometimes that’s just not possible when you’re dealing with the angry and the irrational. Yet at the same time, we don’t want to ignore anyone! We believe that engaging them is not only good for boosting social media presence, but a chance to open up a new dialogue, and maybe even share a laugh.

This strategy is simple, infectious, harmless, and funny. If you’re joining us on social media and have to deal with this like us, here is the best way to counter this type of behavior.

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See you out there! Let’s do whatever we can to stop TRUMP.

Oh! Please donate! ALL of our money goes directly towards reaching people. Thank you.