Single Women Voter Initiative

Help us secure Single Women voter registration in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and nationwide.


YAAPAC can secure the election for Hillary Clinton amongst millennial single women voters in key battleground states. (see case study +10 in Pennsylvania campaign)

YAAPAC’s mobile millennial media strategies can ensure solid base of new and fresh voters in key battleground states for 2016 election and beyond. Additionally, we can offer key voter initiatives with  Evangelicals and even Red State voters to discourage Trump votes and encourage votes for HRC.


We helped Clinton with a +10 in Pennsylvania, now we need your help to continue

We ran our first campaign in Pennsylvania the week of July 26 – August 1st, reaching more than 100,000 single women with intriguing success. Post campaign Clinton was down in Pennsylvania by -2. After our campaign Clinton was up in Pennsylvania by +10 (an extreme jump noted by many commentators).

We are looking for first round donations for a minimum of $250,000.00 to continue this nationwide.

We generate awareness into voter registration.

Our reach with single women, 18 – 35 extends across Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, Elle, Marie Claire, Seventeen on mobile web and hundreds of mobile apps with ‘Smart Native’ pages, using the best political content to attract female voters.

Additionally, our sophisticated email database is additionally comprised specifically of Republican, Independent, Democrat single women, non registered single women, and Evangelicals allowing us to influence various sub demographics with both voter suppression or voter support. Evangelicals alone across three states comprise about one million users in our email database alone.

We can then take our email database and retarget these users across any social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google/YouTube.

This provides us with a maximum reach of 8 million women, ages 18 – 35, across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, enough for us to secure this demographic in the 2016 election cycle and an additional reach of 1M Evangelicals.

Unique strategy.

We propose using content to influence voting behaviors instead of political advertisements or commercials. This content may include any third party editorial (from any news publication) to animated GIFS or YouTube videos. Since we use content in the public domain with fair use for political campaigns we have an almost infinite number of content combinations which can be tested for responsiveness to unique demographics.

What does it take to move the vote? That’s what we can discover through message contextualization.

Mobilize the Vote and secure the lead. Single Women.

Drawing from the insights in our first case study launch in Pennsylvania (see YAAPAC Case Study #1), YAAPAC believes we can increase voter percentage turn out by measurable amounts by focusing on millennial women, ages 18 – 35 in three battleground states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida)

Here is how we arrived at that conclusion, and how we will implement it.

  1. Young females, ages 18 – 24, and all female millennials, ages 35 and under, collectively encompass an audience segment of significant numbers of young women who may not be interested in politics, and that are possibly unlikely to  vote or even consider candidate awareness. If they are likely to vote in 1 out of 4 elections, this would be the election to grab their attention.
  2. In accordance with this trend, voter data going back 8 years shows single women 35 and under are consistently the highest growing voter bloc.
  3. We believe the Trump presidency presents an enormous opportunity to gain awareness with young women specifically within this constituency. Young female millennials are more likely to be open to racial or religious diversity and other viewpoints. We believe this presents an opportunity to court a new wave of progressive voters for 2016, 2018, and 2020. We want to turn this demographic into a 2 or 3 out of 4 voter.
  4. Currently a significant number of this demographic may currently avoid news media (such as television, CNN, FOX, etc) and key political issues may  be outside of their media bubble.
  5. Additionally, due to toxic social media culture with aggressive male ‘trolls’, Facebook is not a safe environment for young women, and not necessarily the best place to attract their attention.
  6. Through relationships with premium beauty and lifestyle publications for women such as,,,, and,, and Pop and access to the largest double opt in email database in the country, we can target specifically this key demographic in these battleground states. Additionally we will target young females via app identification on mobile devices.
  7. Our campaign will begin September 1st and run through November 7th.

Email database reach

Non political  Single Young women 18 – 35 FL = 98,623 OH = 72,412 PA = 74,849 

Single women 18-35 who are Republicans  FL = 254,228 OH = 124,717 PA = 46,027

Single women 18-35 who are independents FL =154,511 OH =189,920 PA =71,783

Single women 18-35 who are democrats FL = 456,297 OH = 252,585 PA = 248,416