Hey Ladies: Our ‘Plan for Pennsylvania’.

YAAPAC distributes social, environmental, and politically aware media targeted to key voting blocks in battleground areas. We specialize in reaching millennials through mobile. We’re more than just a political action committee – we are a mobile broadcast network and publisher.

Single women are one of the key voting blocs in the 2016 election–it is known

Facts are what they are. Donald J. Trump, according to many polls may actually have a decent chance of winning in Pennsylvania and thus the general election. Trump is not very popular with the single ladies, despite his bravado, and the single ladies may ironically be his downfall.

If we can help it.

So, Pennsylvania has roughly six million women with just under half of them highly suspected of being single and more importantly, millennials. Single handedly it is entirely possible that these three million single women in Pennsylvania could come to be known as ‘the women who saved America’.

So YAAPAC has a plan.

We want to keep these three million ladies fully informed on a daily basis of how powerful their voting bloc is by distributing directly to them the best of the best of THE BEST political content that humorously, analytically, or skeptically challenges the grotesque beast’s quest of power.

Here is what we will do: YAAPAC has access to some pretty savvy content and social technology. We are going to aggregate some of the best content on the web and bring it right to these ladies on their phones or tablets.

Not only will we saturate their awareness where they are likely to be giving their attention the most (yes, they are after all millennials and often on their mobile devices), but we are going to aggregate which type of content they are likely to share, which types of content they are likely to engage with, and which type of content gets them responsive.

We estimate that it is going to cost us roughly $50.00 – $100.00 to reach 1000 single ladies in Pennsylvania on their mobile devices to watch or view a video or read an article relevant to this election.

This means that for every $50.00 you donate, you will know exactly where it is going: to reach 1000 key voters in a key battleground state. Your donation sponsors delivering messages to these people.

We want to greet them every single day on their mobile devices with the latest video content relevant to message.

Speaking of relevant to message and latest content, we’re hoping you’ve seen Americans Against Insecure Billionaires PAC and their hilarious Release the Measurements video. Right now, that video only has less than half a million views all over the country.

We’re going to make sure our Pennsylvania plan starts with the Release the Measurements video, and our target is to get all 3 million single women in Pennsylvania to watch it, at least once.

The ones that don’t finish watching it, or don’t like it – well, we will never show that to them again. We will show them something else. Not only that – but we will have a great idea of what type of content tends to work and which content doesn’t.

When we finish our campaign, every month we will post publicly the results of the different types of political content works in which voting districts and make that information available online.

Help us raise for our ‘Pennsylvania Plan’. Help us defeat this grotesque beast. Donate below: