We are the Young Aware American Political Action Committee – or the YAAPAC.

We are a new kind of political action committee, a collaborative of various individuals sophisticated in media technology, databases, awareness building, and strategy. We are a PAC that supports other PACS.  For a list of PACS we support click here.

We support various candidates around various progressive issues, such as environment.

In Election 2016, we oppose TRUMP and support CLINTON.

YAAPAC creates awareness and attention in innovative ways designed to attract the awareness of millennial voters specifically. We mobilize the vote!

Our speciality and uniqueness is in voter outreach and voter registration optimization, coupled with our awareness and content optimization.

We are more than just a political organization, we are a broadcast network. 

This strategy empowers key demographics with the proper tools, and direct them towards sharing and disseminating this information on the mobile web, thereby funneling this awareness into voter registration, voting, and mobilizing other voters.

We are the most cost effective and efficient political action committee….why?

We don’t need to spend any money on creating content, our ability lies in disseminating pre existing content to specific demographics for awareness. Unlike other PACS, we do not raise money to create content, videos, or messaging. All funds raised by YAAPAC go into direct action outreach – with up to 1000 potential voters reached for every $25.00 that we raise.

Meet our advisors and team:

Rome Viharo, Senior Strategist

Rome Viharo has been an innovator in social and viral media strategy since 2006. He is the founder of Audience Unlock, Inc and the inventor of Native Smart technology. He has designed and worked on digital, social, and media campaigns for some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world.

Swapan Nag, Senior Strategist

Swapan Nag is a data analyst and scientist, responsible for aggregating large data sets for NASA and the US government. He is the founder of NAG CAMPAIGNS and has one of the largest voter and donor databases in the country.

Loren Rochelle, Social Strategist
Loren is the CEO of NOM Media, and brings extensive experience in the video distribution industry to NOM (YAAPAC), and is a leader in the space. In 2016, Loren was named Forbes 30 Under 30 in Advertising & Marketing.
Brent Neill, Social Strategist
Brent is the COO of NOM Media has a background of demonstrated accomplishments at organizations large and small. His experience includes management level positions in finance, accounting, and investment management. Prior to joining NOM, he was also part of Channel Factory, where he held the position of VP, Finance & Accounting. At Channel Factory, Brent successfully negotiated and closed multiple financing agreements with major banks, among other accomplishments.
Georgine Trujillo, Political Strategist
Georgine is the CEO of Trujillo Communications and has been a political consultant for over 20 years in the areas of Marketing/Public Relations and Public/Affairs/Campaign Consulting. In the area of Marketing/Public Affairs, Trujillo Communications, she will focus on the practice of branding, messaging, strategy, newsletter development, design work, and social media strategy.
Steve Menkin, Outreach Strategist
Steve Menkin is the CEO of Find Your Audience, one of the largest double opt in email databases in the US.
Adam Stalker, Digital Strategist
Adam brings years of key experience to YAAPAC. He was Director of Digital Strategy for Obama America in 2012 and the National Digital Director for Enroll America which was responsible for the roll out of Obama Care and the Affordable Health Care Act.
Adam Hyland
Zack Zarate
Zack brings years of experience in digital management and network building.
Donna Bulford
Donna helps lead the mobilization effort for YAAPAC as the VP of Media  for YouAPPI. For almost 10 years Donna has formed digital publishing representation of various digital publishers.