June 2016

Hey Ladies: Our ‘Plan for Pennsylvania’.

YAAPAC distributes social, environmental, and politically aware media targeted to key voting blocks in battleground areas. We specialize in reaching millennials through mobile. We’re more than just a political action committee – we are a mobile broadcast network and publisher. Single women are one of the key voting blocs in the 2016 election–it is known.  Facts are what they are. Donald J. Trump, according to many polls may actually have a decent chance of winning in Pennsylvania and thus the general election. Trump…

YAAPAC launches with senior digital specialists.

In the past few weeks, a number of digital and media strategists have converged to advise and help form a unique superpac designed specifically to influence the political discussion in key battleground areas. We are now formed as Young Aware Americans Political Action Committee. Unique to our PAC is Native Smart technology and Nom Media. Our focus will be acquiring compelling, funny, poignant content and placing that content in a saavy media plan which we will fund for distribution.